• Breaking the mould Less than 1% of people who suffered an upper limb amputation and needed a prosthetic could get one.
  • Give a hand We can make more than 100 3D printed prosthetics for the price of one traditional model. Durable, biocompatible, and obviously amazingly cool.
  • Made with Love Po offers a comprehensive experience, each member is unique and becomes part of the family.
  • Attitude We’re interested in making hands which are not trying to be invisible. We want our user to wear individuality; choosing a prosthetic that suits their personality.


Po. We 3d print prosthetic hands with attitude! We are a family of young dreamers proud to be changing lives, one PO at a time. For the first time, having a functional prosthetic hand is now the reality, and not just the dream, for individuals in Paraguay.

We’re not interested in creating a hand that is trying to be invisible. We want to empower our Po members’ individuality: to choose their favourite colour, cartoon or superhero…maybe to have the colours of their favourite football team, to go with their style and their taste. Having your PO is the new cool, something to be proud of.


    Our model is unique. We offer the entire experience, accompanying every step of the experience of getting a Po. From the first message, to their birthday photos wearing their new Po, they are part of the family. We pride ourselves in being always there for anything they need.

    And we don’t want the story to stop here. This is why we are inviting you to join in our adventure of helping PO grow.

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